Funktion stocks replacement OE & Alcon rebuild bits and core calipers. We have been servicing and powder coating calipers for over 15 years.


Powder Coating

Powder Coating has been around for about 50 years. It was developed when they found a formulation for a finely ground “plastic” powder. That was the beginning of the powder coating industry.

The process of powder coating is done by first cleaning the part to a dry, bare metal surface, a special electrostatic spray gun with 30,000 to 90,000 volts, is used to apply a thin layer of “plastic” powder onto the surface of the part to be coated. The powder is held onto the part by static electricity. Kind of like dust on a TV. Once coated, the part is oven baked at approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The curing oven melts the dry powder to a “gel state” and then further curing causes this gel to harden into a very tough “plastic” coating. This flowing and fusing of the coating in the final curing oven creates a continuous coating which is very hard and has no porosity.

Now for the WHY? Powder Coating does not use solvents, there are no toxic chemicals released into the air, thus EPA regulation do not add expense to this process. Also, for about the same cost as professionally applied paint, powder coating offers a superior finish combined with an excellent durability that will extend the life of the part. It is particularly beneficial for parts exposed to harsher conditions such as moisture and chemicals. Powder coating does not fade and is very chip and crack resistant, flexible, and can be applied to all metals.



  • The above prices include abrasive blasting, masking of all threads, preparation, and powder coating using a stock color.
  • Cast aluminum and magnesium parts may experience an out-gassing and/or bubbling in the finished powder coat. We will take every precaution to avoid out-gassing, however, we can’t be held responsible for bubbling caused by porous castings.
  • Prices quoted are for “in Stock” colors. Custom colors are available at an additional cost. Additional costs may vary due to color and quantity of powder ordered.
  • Additional charges will apply to “rush” jobs and for parts that remain in storage longer than 7 business days after powder coating has been completed and contact has been made for pick-up. Any items left for more than 30 (thirty) days become property of FP.
  • FP assumes no responsibility or has no control over nicks, cuts,  scratches or any other abusive wear and tear during any consumer’s usage once parts have been powder coated.
  • Due to environment, consumer usage, metal construction and fabrication variances we are unable to provide refunds or warranties against damage or wear to our powder and ceramic coatings. All sales are final.
  • No warranty over old chrome that has begun to corrode, flake, peel, etc.
  • Not responsible for poorly casted parts that may have surface imperfections.
  • Not responsible for burnt powder coating if temperature(s) exceed the maximum powder coating temperature limit once part(s) have been installed or used.
  • Funktion is a custom shop which requires ample time to ensure that each customer receives high quality coating and preparations — although we have a fast turn around of 7-14 days (some cases less, some jobs more) patience is always appreciated.
  • Custom work and metal restoration requires a certain skill, technique, products, time and materials — we transform each piece of metal to a bare metal state–our prices reflect this. Price quotes are only a guideline and prices may change accordingly.
  • REMEMBER: Glossy is not always better. We highly recommend that you choose a finish that will flatter your part’s condition. (i.e., Pitted parts and poor castings should be coated with a wrinkle/gator or vein finish.) FB can help recommend a coating for you.
  • Group pieces together if you are planning a single color choice. This will avoid additional set up charges.
  • Parts must be clean and free of all oils, any degreasing by FP will be charged at $95.00 per hour.
  • Parts must be totally disassembled. FP does not remove parts. (i.e., Seals, bushings, gaskets, bearings and races.) Any removal of parts/seals $95.00 per hour charge.
  • FP will not reassemble any parts – all parts will be returned with coated piece(s).
  • Parts cannot contain any bondo or body filler. Bondo will ruin the coating. Some minor imperfections may be filled by our process. Call for details.

Chrome Wheels can be powder coated right over the chrome. However, the chrome must be in excellent condition with no chipping, peeling, cracking, pitting or crazing. If your chrome wheels ARE NOT in perfect condition and show any of the “wear” signs mentioned above, it is strongly advised that you have the chrome wheels stripped first. The only effective way to strip chrome wheels is with sulfuric acid.

We do not strip chrome wheels. If your chrome wheels exhibit the “wear” signs as mentioned and you would still like to have them powder coated without having them properly stripped, we provide no guarantee or warranty, express or implied, for the longevity or appearance of any powder coating. Depending on the severity of the “wear” conditions, they may be media blasted prior to coating, but again, we DO NOT guarantee or warranty the longevity or appearance of any powder coating.

Additionally, chrome wheels that are in perfect condition and powder coated are NOT covered by our 1-Year Limited Warranty. The reason we do not warranty chrome wheels in good condition is that we have no reasonable way of knowing how well the chrome wheels were coated, and should they begin to show “wear” signs with age, it will affect the powder coating, thereby giving the appearance of defective powder coating workmanship. The integrity of powder coating will only be as good as the condition of the surface being coated with no hidden barriers such as chrome.


Funktion Performance (Referred to as FP) shall warranty its powder coatings for a period of six months. FP warrants that the process of the pretreatment and cure of all parts powder coated meets or exceeds the industry standards set forth by the powder manufacturers.


The following acts and/or omissions will void the warranty:

  • Physical damage due to transport or installation
  • Contact with salt water, magnesium chlorides, ice melt
  • Contact with chlorine, fertilizer pesticides, or industrial chemical agents
  • Harsh Cleaners
  • Alteration of coating by owner or agents of owner
  • Damage from daily use i.e rock chips or swirls from rags
  • Physical damage due to acts of God


Due to the environment, consumer usage, metal construction, and fabrication variances, all of which are out of the control and responsibility of FP, this warranty is limited. It is FP’s responsibility under this warranty to renew the powder coating on the item that has been determined that powder coating workmanship by FP or a powder coat material was defective.  FP upon notice and determination of valid claim will re-coat parts at their own expense.  FP is not liable for the cost of take down, re-installation or transport of affected parts.  FP reserves the right to inspect and to determine cause for failure of coating.


–       Tubes or pipes that have end caps and do not have a weep hole have a high risk of vapors escaping during the curing process that will damage the powder finish in an oven.  Without a weep hole for the gases to escape, FP, is not responsible for the damage on oven may produce.


–       Handrails and fencing that are not welded solid allow moisture to build up in places that the powder coat cannot penetrate.  FP is not responsible for these areas that will rust after installation.


–       Weldments and frames that have overlapping metals trap moisture and will rust if the overlapping metals are not seal welded.  FP is not responsible for the rust that will build up and spread from these areas.


–       Sharp edges must be rounded to be able to hold an appropriate mil thickness of paint.  Sharp edges that are not rounded will rust.  FP is not responsible for rust that occurs because of sharp edges.


–       Design and/or welding flaws, such as pin holes, overlapping steel placements or non-sealed welds that allow moisture to build up and cause rust are not covered by this warranty.


–       FP does not warranty for items damaged by nicks, cuts, scratches or any other normal wear and tear on the item as it is being used


Additional Fees

Highlights on raised surfaces: (i.e., valve covers & cylinders) additional . Two (2) tone colors, additional cost.

For second coat, illusions, and candies – add 25%. Clear coat is required over all metallics and silver coating.

Clear coats can be applied to almost all powders for a look of depth and gloss. A 25% additional charge applies for this service.

NOTE: Some colors require a clear coat, (i.e., metallics, silver, dormants, etc.). 

Minimum shop charge billed at a rate of $95.00 per hour.

We will contact you within one business day.

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